A Beginning Is Still A Long Way To Go…

Thanks to the help of many people, we have made encouraging progress in the last four years. But, it is still only a beginning and we have a long, long way to go.

The needs are many. In particular, we need:

The School started in a makeshift shed with thatched roofs. The children need a proper school building, with necessary amenities. We have made some progress and today, the concrete structure stands partially constructed. With your help, we will be able to complete the building plans.

As the School grows, we need benches, desks, black boards and other essentials for the children and classrooms.

Poverty has affected the children greatly. Malnutrition is pervasive. We believe it is our responsibility to provide tasty and nutritious food to the children. Food is the biggest part of our needs.

Books and Stationery
The children of the School are from the poorest sections of Wayanad. They need us to provide them textbooks, notebooks and other stationery.

We wish to provide at least the minimum. In this case, it is two sets of uniform every year, for every child.

Bedding Materials
As a residential school, we need to provide simple and comfortable bedding for the children.

Honorarium for the Staff
The School needs 11 teachers and 7 non-teaching staff. Presently, all the staff members work on a voluntary basis and receive very nominal sums.

Other Items
In addition to the above needs, we also spend significant money on medical expenses, laundry, sports items, fuel etc.

We welcome contributions, one-time or regular, to provide for any of the above needs. No matter where you are, you can contribute. We have FCRA approval from the Government of India to receive contributions from abroad.

Our details are:
OUR CORE BANKING NUMBER: 2879000100031421

Our bankers are
Punjab National Bank
Mananthavady Branch
Wayanad, Kerala
Donations from within India to the Trust are exempt from Income
Tax under Section 80(G).

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